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We partner with you to strategically build and strengthen your cybersecurity posture. Our team of dedicated cybersecurity experts enables you to create and optimize your cyber defenses specific to your business needs and risks.

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Securing digital future
Securing digital future

Partnership opportunities

CybeRise is 100% dedicated to our channel partners, which means that every deal made, every product sold, and every new customer gained is a win for both of us. The CybeRise program provides you with the essential tools and support to adapt and expand your business, and our personalized approach helps you grow and profit like no other program in the industry.

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Becoming a Partner

CybeRise provides three different partnership tiers - Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tier offers increasing benefits such as cost savings, marketing funds, lead registration abilities, priority support, and exclusive tools. These benefits are aimed at maximizing the success of our partners in addressing their security needs through our full range of managed and cloud-based solutions.

Our portal suite of tools provides partners with lead management, deal registration, marketing automation, and continuous training to drive sales from CybeRise's growing cybersecurity portfolio.

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Our partnership program offers three tiers to suit all industry sizes. Silver Partners access discounted services and support. Gold Partners see deeper savings of up to 15% plus dedicated assistance and marketing funds. Our top Platinum tier delivers the highest returns with discounts up to 25%, VIP support, large budgets, and access to all our resources for true partnership success.

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CybeRise offers three levels of participation - Silver, Gold, and Platinum - with each level unlocking greater discounts and rebates, priority support, cooperative marketing funds, deal registration, exclusive tools and resources, and much more.